(*) The Apthings Solutions does not include Internet connection service. Rates do not include federal and local taxes. Transfer of your existing phone number not available in all locations. Unlimited Canadian calls are subject to normal business usage limitations (predictive dialer or automated calls are not included). Apthings 911 service has certain limitations versus traditional 911 service.
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Apthings is a leading technology innovator in cloud PBX, unified communications and business security systems. Our solution is designed for small and medium businesses across Canada.

Our high-quality interconnected telecom networks offer access anywhere and anytime to digital services and data.

Connect to the Cloud Seamlessly

Our mission is to offer integrated Cloud-based solutions to meet your business needs today and for the future. 

Once you deploy our integrated platform across your company's intranet, CRM, and website, you will have a unified system of engagement that will allow your employees to collaborate in real time and efficiently manage customers' experience.