(*) The Apthings Solutions does not include Internet connection service. Rates do not include federal and local taxes. Transfer of your existing phone number not available in all locations. Unlimited Canadian calls are subject to normal business usage limitations (predictive dialer or automated calls are not included). Apthings 911 service has certain limitations versus traditional 911 service.
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We provide a phone system, a complete solution to connect from anywhere. Simplicity, versatility, robustness, simple and unsurprising billing.
Essential features for your business to enhance your communications in the digital age.
Communicate with your customers through the channel they prefer, whether it’s phone, web, chat, email, video, or social media.
Transform your business with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that help boost productivity and increase overall profitability.
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Uptime guaranteed
Canadian Solution
Made in Quebec
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" The Apthings Solution allows us to manage our business communication seamlessly while also securing our offices. The only equipment we needed to start is an Internet connection. The set up was fast and efficient  "